It all started when...

Born and raised on Long Island, Laurieann Pepe began her artistic career at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Pursuing her lifelong dream of going to FIT, Laurieann earned her associates degree in Textile Design and then earned her bachelors degree in Fabric Styling.

Growing up on the East End of Long Island and being inspired through travel, Laurieann Pepe’s design philosophy was always strongly influenced by nature and all of the glory that surrounded her. Laurieann creates fine art, textiles, handpainted stemware, and styles her pieces that she creates.  Upon graduating, Laurieann developed her own business - Laurieanns Designs where she uses her painting skills together with her computer skills learned at FIT to create one of a kind textile designs.

FIT has given her the chance to develop many different skills across many different areas that make her a well rounded designer. With her ability to execute textile designs, strong artistic eye, styling abilities, color matching, exceptional photoshop skills, and more, she is a designer with a multitude of skills.